mercredi 5 septembre 2007

My deer Claire (hic!)

My deer Claire,

Im on my way bad-back, sory, to Mandosa, after a wonderfull afternoon (thats two times after, english is a funy language) walking my way (and drinking it, if ya no wadda mean, hic) in wine country in Maipu. I haha-have vizited a few bodegas and tasted severus kinda wines tooday. Geez, that bus is swirling around, sory.
It's five-fourti-fivefourt-fivv - God! - It's almost six oclo'ck and besides tasting gooood wine, I haven't ate since brakefast and whit all that good wine, I have to tell you I feeel a little dizzy right vow.
Anyway - geez, two little dogs are having sex on the sidewalk beside the bus! and there is a cute girl in the seat in front of me and she's blushing!
Do you hear that buzzing sound or its just me?
What was I saying? Ah, yeah, eating.
So I just ate a chips (ham flavour, they have strange flavour for chips here, dontyouthink?), ya no, to fill my estomach - fuck, a hoouge train is crossing the road now, woah, that's noisy!
The cute girl is back to white color, now. Well, not white-white, not like yo and me, sory, you and me, but kinda caramel-white, looks delicious, but that's another stori-y.
Hard to write on a bus with that unstable road below me - or is it the eight or so glasss of wine I had in the lost- fuck, last 2 hours? Hard to say.
And the bus is turning again, where are we? I have no glue.
But the driver said si when I asked va a Mendoza, so I guess he knows - why knows takes a K if it's for no use at all? Just wondering.
Hey, look, a church!
Everybody is speaking spanish in the bus. Sooo weird!
We're passing in front of a peluqueria and that reminds me that I have to get my air cut. Hair, sory.
I bought a nice rosé today, a Malbec and - Ho, the cute girl is getting off the bus, at the corner of Vasquez and - I can't see the name of the crossing street from - oops, hey, another church!
They have a lot of churches around here, but happili, they have more wineries.
The chofer just put the radio on, and I hear Hall and Oates, oh, the song is over... what is it now? Wow, Electric light orkestra, it must be... Last train to London, I think - or was it by Earth Wine and Fire? Cant remember.
There is definitelikely more bus around me so I bilive we are in the city.
Hey, I almoast forgot, I also visited a olive plantation today - interesting - and I had a few olives, so I gueess I was lying when I wrote that I'd'n't anythink to eat since breakfeast but whatever, I ate 2 olives at the olivicola.
And - oh shit, it's my stop!
Byebye my deer,

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