lundi 24 septembre 2007

Looking Flowers

Ok, here's another of my little songs...
It's like a farewell to Peru, a country where I've been for longer than I planned, that I liked more than I thought I would and where I made unexpected really good friends.
You'll certainly notice that some of the sentences doesn't exactly make sense. I was heading more for a ambiance and was more concerned by the musicality of the words I was putting together than concern by proper grammar.
So, to be sure that it was obviously done on purpose, I did it in the title itself. Since, actually, looking flowers isn't an act but a place.
And, as they say, it goes like this... Enjoy!


Looking Fowers
by Hugh Morin, Lima, Peru, 9/18 - Chiclayo, Peru, 9/21, 2007.

I'll remember you
while the road bus moves
around the highest mountain
I won't forget how
sweet your dark skin glows
among the golden lights

I'll remember you
while the condor looms
along the deepest canyon
I won't forget how
kind your dark eyes shines
among the silver skies

I'll remember how
promises are kept
along the city palm trees
I won't forget you
sadness love and hope
among looking flowers

Innocence in your every laughter
youth in your every smile
eternal hopes in your eyes
among looking flowers

I'll remember you
while the blue plane flies
among the cloudy night
I won't forget how
soft your last kiss tastes
among the copper sands

Many miles away
deep in stranger land
under the southern stars
Language fell away
love had found a way
among looking flowers

among looking flowers
among looking flowers


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  1. that�s a really good song...i like it so much jejeje kisses


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