lundi 15 août 2005

Quito: Altitude 2850 m

Hola todos!
I just can't beleive i'm walking down the streets of Quito. What a wonderfull city, so full of life!!
I am so happy to be here... especially since I didn't know what to expect exactly by returning here after central america... I didn't know if I would be desapointed... after all, since last year and my first visit in Ecuador, I've seen a couple more country in latin america, and even if each country has something different, somehow, the cultural core is alike from one place to another...
So here i am, not desapointed at all by my lovely Quito! It's quite the opposite, actually... I remember that last year, I thought Quito was kind of a big chaotic city, busy, noisy and all... well, since I saw a lot worst, i have to say that today, as i walked both the centro historico and the new town, I found that Quito was kinda more quiet, relax, even, than it was in my memory. Funny, isn't it?
Anyway, there's a few new things to check around, and well, I have to say that on the tourism point of view, Ecuador is definitly light-years ahead of any of the country I've visited in Central America. Ok, not counting Panama, since I was only in the Capital, but even there, there wan't much of a tourist info centrer around, not like the four offices they have here. And from Quito, anything you want to do in Ecuador, you can arrange it here, and you have lots of choices of agency, guides of just information offices. A note on Costa Rica, which was really organized... a bit too much, it seems to me at that time, like there was no way to do stuff by yourself, you always seemed to need a guide or a tour to go anywhere in that country, so that was kinda anoying for an independent traveller like me...
Here today, I found equatorians lot more relax on the matter... well, once again, it's not my first time here, so maybe my knowlegde of the place help to see things differently, but there's no way to know for sure...
Altitude 2850 m above sea level... of course, my highest point so far this year :)
Last year, I've reach by foot 3500 m from here, at the top of the Ungui... I hope I'll beat that in the next couple weeks... we'll see... in the meantime, my system ought to get used to the little lack of oxygen by comparison to Panama (at sea level)... my muscles are a bit soft today, and i felt sleepy all day, but to tell you the truth, I've suffer from altitude sickness a bit last year, so i guess it's a good sign so far not to suffer more of it.
So that's pretty much it... Quito looks the same, with a few different details i've noticed so far... but even if it feels so good to be back here (feels strangely more like home suddenly, a feeling i haven't got for a couple months now...), the past months have changed my view on Quito, so I can discover it all over again with these eyes of 2005 which differs from my 2004 eyes...
Funny how things work sometimes, don't you think?

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