mercredi 17 août 2005

Pichincha: Altitude 4100 m !

Well well...
There's a new record for me!
This morning, around 10h30 Am, I've reached 4100 meters above sea level!
let me tell you something, it was actually breathtaking... I'm not so sure if it was because of the breathtaking views of Quito, the village of LLoa or the Andes surrounding me, or if it was the breathtaking lack of oxygen at that altitude!
I felt fuzzy all the time i was there, but I stayed about an hour an a half at 4050 m with a little walk up to 4100 m. Took a few pictures even if it was cloudy...
The thing is (as I was told here), at that level, you have about 65% of the oxygen that you have at sea level. I was born in Roberval... I'd have to check, but I'm pretty sure that Roberval is not more than 500m above sea level! :)
So, the deal is when you're that high, your lungs and your heart got to work 30-40% more to give your brain and your muscles the amount of oxygen they need to do the same work that they can do at sea level... if you add up a little hike with that, well... I guess you can try to imagine...
But I made it... And if you really want to know the truth, I'll go back in a couple days, and probably once more next week... so my system will be trained to make a try higher than 4100 m. After all, the crater of the Guagua is just there, nearby... at 4800 m...

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