lundi 8 août 2005

About CD burning, Latino bimbo, chicken and soap!

What a day!
Ok, try to figure this... You-re in San Jose, Costa Rica, ok, not a thrid-world country at all, something like a latino-US-state in the tropics... anyway, in the capital you can find pretty much everything you want a bit like at home, but sometimes with a twist, but thay have not only McDonalds and Burger King, but KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, and Cinemark and big shopping center and all, ok?
A couple months ago, I was in Antigua, Guatemala, a small town, in a real third-world country. later on, in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, same thing, even smaller and in a more remoted area. In both cases, I was able to find a place where they-d be able to burn some pictures on a CD and make a backup copy of the CD-s.
So, I figure that in a place like San Jose, I-d be able to just do the same, without any fuss...
Not that easy.
I went to an internet place, where thay do whatever you do with computers, and also have international phone calls for cheap prices... I asked the girl if they were doing CD copies (since our backup of pics from Guatemala was stolen, we wanted another backup in case something happen to the last pics we were able to save from the thieves), and she says yeah, no problem. So i got my CD-s, an a minute later, she-s leaving and is replace by another girl. So i have to repeat my request, and she also says yeah. So i give her the original Cd-s (3 of them) and prepare myself to wait, what? 15 to 30 minutes to burn 3 Cd-s?...
Not that easy.
I spare you some details, but let-s say that 45 minutes later, and 4 reboots of her computer later, I have one copy made, and the other two still in a line-up... I kinda lose my patience, here... what the hell is taking so long?
I try to check the copy she-d made already, but no computer-s got enough memory to handle a picture of 1770 K (what?????)... After a little while, the girl reboot yet again, and then, i lose my temper and ask what the fuck?
Oh, I forgot to say... she-s also chating on MSN while working on my CD-s, and she-s now eating a couple chicken pieces, putting some chicken grease all over the place while she-s watching a soap on the little Tv over the desk... yep! So, we-re almost an hour after I went to that store, I still have only one cd made, the system is rebooting, and miss bimbo-s eating slowly and is more interested in the Tv than the customer... So the customer lost is temper, grabbed is stuff, asked to make sure the one Cd made was well made, and pays for it and got the hell out of that place!
Shit... it-s now three-four hours later, I-m still not over it... I-m writing this from another internet place, while they-re working on my CD-s (the two left)...
Let-s hope they-re will be done soon... finger crossed...... sometimes, latinos are so discouraging...

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