lundi 18 juin 2007

A Song for Melina

Writing is and will always be a very strong way to change my mood and work on myself.

When I left Quito, I was really sad to leave my two aussie friends behind, after the pleasure I had sharing a few days with them. So a few words came to me on the night bus... Once in Tumbes, with a bad mood to get rid of and a few hours to kill, I wrote two songs.

This is one of them, and I dedicate it to Melina Stilo, since she was the main inspiration.

If you're interested to know this, for me, it's a romantic balad, ideally sang by a high pitch clear voice.

(Please note that I took some liberty to fit the rythm I had in mind, and even cheated a bit mixing spanish to english - since we lived experiences in spanish in Quito - and I'm sure you'll excuse my french (hehehe), 'cause it was such a better way to say it, and a better rhyme as well).


by Hugh Morin - Quito, Ecuador 15/6 - Tumbes, Peru 16/6.


With her accent from Australia
With sparkling eyes
Her name was

Where are you?
I'm not yet in Peru
Already missing you
So young yet so full of life
And with a contagious smile

We met in Quito south
La Magdalena
We talked of South America
And plans in Amazonia

¿Donde esta?
¿En Brazil o Argentina?
I remember the Pichincha
And your face, chewing La Coca

I still see you invading my room
After our conquest of the Rucu
I see the snow, el teleferiqo
You slept, I took a photo

Where are you?
Where is your craziness now?
Who enjoys your voice?
I want to hear that laugh again
I want to see that life again

We'll meet again
En Bolivia o Inglaterra
It could take years to find your smile
I'll look for it, days and nights

Melina, Melina...


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