lundi 18 juin 2007

A Song for Imeshi

Writing is and will always be a very strong way to change my mood and work on myself.

When I left Quito, I was really sad to leave my two aussie friends behind, after the pleasure I had sharing a few days with them. So a few words came to me on the night bus... Once in Tumbes, with a bad mood to get rid of and a few hours to kill, I wrote two songs.

This is one of them, and I dedicate it to Imeshi Weerasinghe, since she was the main inspiration.

If you're interested to know this, for me, it's a slow reggae, ideally sang by a high pitch raucus voice.

(Please note that I took some liberty to fit the rythm I had in mind).

A Walk in the Clouds
by Hugh Morin - Quito, Ecuador, 15/6/07 - Tumbes, Peru, 16/6/07

When I first heard her name
Haven't seen her at all
I watched her coming by
Everything else blurred out
She enterred in the house
My heart went for
For a walk in the clouds

Her name was Imeshi
I met her near the sky
I blame synchronicity
For she enterred my life
I just took her for a walk
I nice walk
A nice walk in the clouds

She told me she was aussie
I thought you're a beauty
Knew her for only a week
We shared a bono and a house
We hiked a volcano
For a long walk
A long walk in the clouds

I was sitting at the bar
She was dancing salsa
I saved her from a weird guy
And felt into her eyes
We left she was laughing
So we just walked
We walked in the clouds

Y yo y ye ye ye
Imeshi ye ye ye yo
Y yo y ye ye ye
Imeshi yeeeee

From you at the fondación
To us climbing that mountain
From you learning spanish
To such an innocent kiss
It could be the altitude
Let's say it is for now
Since my heart runs
Runs into the clouds

Her name was Imeshi
Princess Imeshi
Her skin was color coffee
Her smile got into me
I'll never forget her now
Nor our walks
Our walks in the clouds

Y yo y ye ye ye
Imeshi yeeeee


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