vendredi 15 avril 2005

Broken Music, Broken Fiction, Broken Movies; Requiem for the Cap 6

My good friend Sting had just started a new tour; the Broken Music Tour. I liked the idea of Broken Music, which is the title of his book, by the way, kind of a memoir but very different of most of the autobiography stuff I've read in the past. Sting is touring, then, with just three musicians, which is a reminder of The Police times, of course, since the idea behind Broken Music is to get back to some roots and try to figure out who you are.
I liked the book a lot (I've read it last year, while preparing my Ecuador project, interesting enought that I talk about the Tour today while preparing another stay in a foreign country. Anyway---)...
And I like the idea of Sting touring, who knows if by any chance, he'll stop by the place I live and I could get a chance to see the show.
Meanwhile, I'm loging on for good free music everyday; they put some old classics there these days, to promote the Broken Music Tour, so that's funny to hear and enjoy again songs like Next To You... lots of energy in it. I always loved that song, direct, simple, efficient, get the job done in every way.
For my part, I kinda understand a bit more now what all my writer friends were telling me all these year, back in the old time when I was a young writer full of ideals :)... Their advice was always the same, don't do too much stuff at once, concentrate your energy on a project, and of course, be patient. The really young writers are a rarity... Well, now that I'm not so young anymore and that my ideals went to hell ;), I can see they were right. Not that I'm gonna change a thing, of course, but at least, I live with myself with peace. I'm still writing (pretty much every week if not every day), lots of stuff, still not concentrate on one project at the time, but I call it Broken Fiction, now... and I like it, so why make a change? Seriously, where is the real big difference?
Today, April 15 2004 is the first day in years, decades even, with no films presented at The Capitol 6 Cinemas downtown Vancouver. So in a way, it's kindof a sad day for me. Strange, at least, to imagine the Capitol 6 closed. Because that's what happend, Famous Players built a new Paramount downtown Vancouver and closed the old capitol 6. Was a really crappy building for a couple of years already, but still, the old place got somethin', call it a soul... anyway, today is the first day of the Paramount, but for me, the Paramount is playing Broken Movies, at least before the place get a soul of its own...
By selling the building of the Cap 6, which will certainly be pull down, I feel that a part of me, a part of my memories, is taken away. I remember seing a lot of movies there, good and bad ones, with company or by myself, I will always remember my friend Suzie working at the Box Office either on Granville or Seymour Street, I'll remember sneaking in an advance screening of Ocean's Eleven to finally leave two minutes before the shwo since the theater was so full and I didn't feel like being in such a crowd. And I remember seing some movies there more than once; the last one being Closer, which I saw with Suzie, than with Tamy, just before recieving an advice from my friend Daniel suggesting me not to see this movie with a girl, a girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend, especially if you have a complex or slightly different love-life. Haha, pretty good timing, don't you think?
So anyway, today is the day of Broken Art in my mind. The good thing about life is that we don't know what's gonna be tomorrow......

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