samedi 19 mars 2005

Million dollar baby

Yeah, I saw it, finally. Not that I avoided it before... just happenned that way, thats all... but I saw it. Yesterday night, original version, of course, at the Paramount, downtown Montreal, by myself.
Ok, that's a good movie. Ok, that's a great screenplay. Ok, Eastwood is a really good director. Ok, Eastwood and Freeman are great actors. And, even if I never was a fan of Hilary Swank and I probably neverwill, ok, she's absolutely great in that role.
Yeah, lots of ok's, for a great film, in a movie fan point of view.
But don't see that movie by yourself, ok?
I ended up all fucked up, not able to talk, all worry about the friends I love, and kinda depressed. Still feel that way even several hours later, just to think of it.
Anyway... I guess that's what great films are all about, uh? Unforgettable, that's sure enough... Rough feelings, though, pretty hard to take...
And that's all I have to say about Million dollar baby.

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