lundi 19 septembre 2005

(In Montreal): So sweet seeing you, dear Claire

Dear Claire,
I can't beleive that I managed to see you in person, at last!
Well, when i took you're first e-mail and read that you'd be in transit at the airport for about two hours, I was hoping to be in Montreal to be able to see you... but when I read about the schedule, I had to change quite some plans to be able to make it... and it worked! 12 hours later, I was on the road (with that damn Koko), and finally, at the airport, and there you were...
That was a really great moment, a real great morning! Even if we were pretty much half asleep :)... and you on the jetlag, all fuzzy.... that was sweet to see you again, after so many months.
I've missed you a lot, my friend. I remember, not two weeks ago, between Nueva Aurora and la mariscal, thinking of you, knowing that you'd be the one I wanted to talk to, the one I wanted to share my thoughts with, i don't know why, but I needed you at that moment... and a couple days later, there you are! Incredible, uh?...
But, as nice it was to see you and share these two hours with you, it was also cruel to just have such a short period of time to enjoy your presence and your crazyness...
So... you have to comeback! To visit Montreal for real!!
And I'll do whatever it takes to afford going to visit you in BC pretty soon.
And we'll have more time to be with each other, dear... I'm already looking forward to that moment...
until then, i'll enjoy the presence of a few really good friends in Montreal that I haven't seen in months...
Talk to you soon,
with love,

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