lundi 4 juillet 2005

The Dan Brown effect!

Hey, I talked already about Dan Brown on this journal, but today, it's something else.
I read the DaVinci code and Angels and demons already, but since i liked the books, cathy, a friend fro mvancouver, gave me the two other ones by the same writer, to have some reading on my next trips... so I had with me Deception Point and Digital Fortress. I read Angels and demons on my way to San Francisco a few months ago, and it was not my copy of the book, but Stephen's copy (Suzie's brother). After I told Suzie the book was good (especially if you like DaVinci Code), she took Stephane's copy with her to Guatemala and was reading it while i was on Digital Fortress...
Whay talking about that?
Well, you know, backpacking is about traveling with only the essential stuff, travel light, with a little pack containing all your belongings...
Than, at one point, I realized that if we would have had a copy of The DaVinci Code with us, we would have been the only backpackers in the world to carry with us the complete works of Dan Brown!! :)))) I thought it was funny...
(anyway, now, we lost one, since Suzie finished her Angels and demons while I was reading the two other ones, so she still has some reading, and I don't... so today, i exchange one of our Dan Brown for a Ridley Pearson in a local book exchange in Santa Rosa de Copan.)

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